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Job Information

About the Development Team

As a developer, you’ll work in our internal (web) development team. The purpose of the team is to make the whole company stronger, externally in the form of web related projects or internally in the form of diverse innovations, like (web) apps, integrations, communication platforms and marketing software.

The team consist of four developers and a UX/Designer, all in the early stages of their careers. As developer you will be surrounded with high-end professionals in all fields of IT. This provides you the opportunity and obligation to learn a lot, fast!

Where it is in methodologies as Agile Scrum, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Or applying technologies that count today, you will do it all. It is our strong believe that you as a developer should have a broad horizon and experiences with all fields of IT before you specialise.

We help you become that specialist and gives you the opportunity to move into consultancy or into product startups within the company whenever you ready for that next step.

The team is responsible for the global online presence, and works closely with their global peers (involves traveling). The team is dedicated to constantly improve the quality of the software they build. And are free to make whatever choice of technology and tools they think that suits their mission best.

All projects share a common purpose; to strengthen the position of the company as an authority in the market. The team learns from analyzing data from previous projects, continuously improving user experience and through contact with the audience and stakeholders. By embracing the “learn, unlearn, learn” principle, they improve their stack with every new project.

About You: Qualities and Strengths

Like all your new colleagues, you stand out as an entrepreneurial, result-driven professional. You’re quick, communicative, and can think on your feet. Analytical and eager to learn, you strongly value collaboration and sharing knowledge.

You love using the latest technologies and welcome its challenges. Initiative comes natural and there is no such thing as work, its passion! You are energetic and chronically “unhappy” with your current state of knowledge or latest delivered project. That’s what’s drives you to continuously learn and innovate. You feel responsible form idea to delivery. You celebrate success and focus on winning!

You know your stuff and have a portfolio of recently completed projects.

What We Offer

  • €5000 yearly budget for training, visiting conferences and coaching.
  • bi-weekly knowledge exchange sessions on-premise with other developers.
  • cool projects that make a difference, a steep learning curve.
  • 750 professional to learn from, who love to share their knowledge: asked and unasked.
  • encouragement and support to develop professionally; present at conferences, write blogs and participate in open source projects, etc.
  • the best place to start your career!
  • possibility to travel the world.