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Your work:
A big global survey company with clean datasources, but sometimes 7000 columns in one file; needs help; an insider describes some of the tools and data as; gnarly, weird.
They need help in data transformations- flattening data structures; developing and setting up data pipelines in Python; but the tools aren't yet up-to-this-day-and-age; so be prepared to get a little bit frustrated, on the other hand; you will be able to invent new ways of doing it, and when you, backed-up by your teamlead to hell and back, present your case to use a new tool; then it will happen.

But be patient, its a big company, and your team is small (5) and although you are important and getting more important each passing week, it -will- take time.  It will be 2-3 years struggling then nirvana,

You: inquisitive, creative with old fashioned company, patient,smart-strategic, calm

Tools :

  • tableau,

  • python 1-3 year experience

  • dimensions

  • postgress database

  • and more

Company:  honest, social, no glamour, team is 5-6 persons, teamlead is your go-to guy, relaxed atmosphere, take responsibility, 104 countries, team weekly drink


  • trainings budget

  • work in Amsterdam but also WFH + WF-anywhere

  • Europeans have preference

  • There is no mandatory traveling


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