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Technical and Operations


Amsterdam/Haarlem ; Randstad

Job Information

DevOps Engineer

Your Job

You are a modern Devops engineer. Infrastructure is code. Cloud is the only option. You can both setup new cloud environments or move existing datacenters to the cloud. You believe in automating everything and will use provisioning scripts to automate all your tasks. No shell access. You are fluent in Google Cloud or AWS and opinionated about it.

You Do

Migrate to cloud deploy to production Setup cloud environment NO Shell access, define deployment architecture, do code reviews, automate everything, Implement self-healing/Noops Infrastructure

Your Skills

Preferably familiar with as much as possible from the following technologies and skills: Docker, Kubernetes, Git(hub/lab), Linux, Terraform/Cloudformation, AWS/Google, Jenkins, MySQL, python, Go, Fargate, API Gateways, Authentication services, Lambda, Node, Monitoring & logging tools, helm, service mesh, CI/CD, hashicorp tools

Your Attitude

Problem solver, pro-active, open minded, get the job done, pragmatic, able to lead and follow, work hard – play hard, work/life balance, no silver bullet, to give to change skills/mind- set, passionate about your profession/craftmanship, willing to (also) work at a client location, willing to invest time in learning new technologies and always on the lookout to use/find a new technology, strive for simple, no over engineering.

Education and others

To be successful in this job we require a bachelor/academic level of thinking and a fluency in Dutch and/or English. Also, a driver’s license.


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