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Amsterdam - water front; havens west

Job Information

Front-end developer

we are looking for a front-end king/queen; 2 years minimum experience and ambition to learn a lot.
You will be part of a multidisciplinairy team that, in cooperation with our clients and partners, will concept and deliver digital solutions.
Of coourse your team will consist of different sorts of specialists; you will work together to your common goal and in shared responsibility and shared passion to work within your boundaries to create your finest work.


- are responsible for the front end part of our projects
- you keep on delevoping your skills and that of your coworkers
- quality and performance are both on your radar but in the end you deliver the projecten
- have front end skills and experience together with affinity with design and animation;
- together with the designer you are primarily responsible for the user experience
- have attention for details and quality within our agile processes and technology stack
- are not afraid to improve on our internal processes and to give your suggestions in our developers meetings
- are constantly improving onyoour oown skills, you come up with ideas to realise that.
- are not afraid to break stuff to see how it works, and then put it back together aggain (of course :) )
- like to get together with your team and client to figure out the best solution
- are enthousiastic and you motivate the team members around you to strive for better

About us
we strive to combine technology with design in everything we do; we want to surprise our clients with quality and want to give them a great user experience on all levels (if possible)
we think you should have an open mind to leep learning and sharing what you learn; we give an environment where learning is stimulated and talent is rewarded in freedom to explore.


About our clients
our clients are statups,big corp, poltical parties, fundraisers, entrepreneurs, small brands, big brands, online retailers and NGOs. The big common denominator is a desire to innovate.


you like to use & can show projects where you have done so, the following
    SCSS / CSS (BEM)
    'talking to' API's