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Technical and Operations


Amsterdam, Haarlem, Randstad

Job Information

Looking for a JVM based Engineer


You are

You develop software which is JVM base. You will not blindly follow hypes but also will not stick to existing technologies all the time. You are skilled in more than 1 programming language and like to tutor/mentor team members.

You can

Java, scala, kotlin, groovy; these are your prefered tools

You think like

Problem solver, pro-active, open minded, get the job done, pragmatic, able to lead and follow, work hard – play hard, work/life balance, no silver bullet, to give to change skills/mind- set, passionate about your profession/craftmanship, willing to (also) work at a client location, willing to invest time in learning new technologies and always on the lookout to use/find a new technology, strive for simple, no over engineering.

your education etc.

To be successful in this job we think you should have bachelor/academic level of thinking and a fluency in Dutch and/or English. Also, a driver’s license.


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