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Job Information

About you working with us

We work on software projects as a team. For this we need junior/medior/senior people who are / have:

  1. Excellent written and spoken English communication skills:
  2. Team players: Know when to prioritize helping others over your own task, and when to set boundaries in order to best achieve the collective goals we set together.
  3. learners & teachers: Tell us about the stuff you're studying, the blogs you read, and your side projects! Any awesome meetups?
  4. An open mind for new challenges! Maybe the task at hand needs us to experiment with a new technology or framework? Maybe we want to change our way of working to increase our DevOps mojo? We need people to feel at home diving into the unknown headfirst!
  5. A sense of responsibility: Say what you do and do what you say. And if you have some field in which you have expert knowledge, then we fully support you leading us and grow into leadership. If you are less experienced, then taking responsibility simply means owning up to your work, your successes and failures. We are engineers, in the end of the day, we all make mistakes.
  6. Awesome colleagues to awesome colleagues: Since work takes up considerable time of our life, it is important to feel comfortable, and to have fun with the team. We are in it for the long run, so keeping a sane balance and a joyful spirit is top priority!


About the nerdy stuff we love

Technology always moves forward at a fast pace, and things are bound to change in the future. Also new projects might ask us to investigate into new areas. However, no one is an expert in everything, and in order to work together and best learn from each other we have chosen the following tech stack.


Java / Backend

  • Java (>= 8)
  • Spring Boot
  • Sql / NoSql Databases
  • Junit 5 and Mockito
  • OpenApi

Cool stuff we want to know more about: Graph databases, encryption, serverless,


Frontend / Javascript

  • Typescipt, Javascript
  • Angular, React
  • Jest, Karma, Spectator, Cypress and similar (unit test) utilities
  • OpenApi

Cool stuff we want to know more about: visualizations (D3), Nestjs / Backend, serverless,


Infra / Cloud

  • AWS
  • Jenkins / pipelines
  • Docker / containers
  • Terraform / IAC
  • Security best practices


Way we work

We love everything DevOps, not just the tools, but all of it. Team ownership of our work, cross discipline collaboration and knowledge sharing. Prioritize developer success, making sure we can all do our work by making sure improving the work is as important as doing the work. You have ideas? Things you feel could be improved? Speak up and throw it in the team!


Are you looking for us and are we looking for you?

If you meet all these criteria and know all of these technologies ;..great !!  Do you feel you have a match on part of it, for instance you are a backend or a frontend developer looking for a new challenge, or a cloud expert looking for a place to shine, learn and share knowledge... Whatever the match, if you feel there is a common ground, then let's meet and explore the possibilities to work together. People are never perfect, and we do not need to be, we just want the right people to join us, and inspire us to become that bit better as well. Nothing to lose, and possibly an awesome adventure to win!


About us, yes you should read this too

We are a start-up; we have a clear idea of where to go and how to get there. However, there will be a lot of happy accidents, some chaos and probably a lot of problem solving in getting there. But hey, you are a developer, you are used to jumping from one problem to the next, right? Joking aside, this phase is not for everyone. Just give it a thought.

Then, last but not least, why us, what makes us special? Well, the company is not owned by anybody! The company will be governed by you, the Stewards. Therefor, everything will truly be centred around making impact and achieving our vision: We see a future where the digital world serves people to live safe and happy lives, connected with each other and the planet as a whole.