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Technical and Operations


centre Amsterdam

Job Information




  • building in react native so you can do one build for both sides
  • mobile react react native & redux developer,
  • build on code base , expand code base

tech stack;

  • ROR is back-end, you will talk in JSON to api
  • redux is essential
  • native apps experience is essential
  • site is built in react,
  • having experience in real aps is essential


  • small company, scale up ,
  • tech team is 3, you added makes 4, before Xmas you can hire junior makes 5
  • you will be lead


  • are a senior (as senior as is possible) on react native
  • your educations is less important than experience
  • have a track record in dealing with development problems
  • speak English, Dutch would be really nice
  • can start in or after summer 2021
  • weekly visits to office are appreciated since you will be lead