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Technical and Operations


Rotterdam, central

Job Information

The job
You work in a small team with an enormous impact on the cultural life of people in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In a team of 4-6 developers your skills
deliver a huge contribution to our homegrown Platform, specially developed for the cultural sector marketing in these countries. As a developer your work is flexible and varied, and
focuses on every single phase of the development process of our product. Besides your direct contribution to our platform, you help your colleagues and the end users of the product with the automation of work processes.

How do we work?
The developers maintain and improve the platform on a daily basis, which leads to a new release every week on Monday. With this release, new updates, marketing campaigns, improvements, bug fixes, optimizations, et cetera are being launched weekly (always extensively tested of course), for every client connected to the our platform. We follow a roadmap, which we adapt and extend continuously, when new needs and wishes arise.

We use account managers as lifelines between our teams and the clients. They form the support team and take care of all the questions, implementations and (the client side of) the projects. We have an agile working environment. Together with the product manager and the two account managers, you (and you developers) ensure that our platform is always one step there and ready.


Why choose this company
There is a lot of opportunities out there for you, and that’s awesome. And we are convinced you will do your utmost to find the best place on earth for you to contribute to something important and fulfilling. Maybe - through your experience as a senior developer - you agree with us that sometimes especially the ‘softest’ criteria have the highest impact on the fitness of the job:
● this company isn’t run by business people, if you are tired working for ‘ties’, drop us a line
● we work and contribute to people enjoying at everything arts and culture have to offer.
● our CEO is a techie
● we all contribute to the greater whole of the same framework, it prevents you from skipping from one project to the other.
● most of our team is  at the firm for a long time. We appreciate cultural fit; we want you to stay for the long haul


being in an informal and small team, means you have a lot of freedom and responsibility.


The culture:
Our culture is about the following:
●We challenge the status quo
● We focus on empowering our clients
● We are straightforward
● We are radically and awkwardly transparent
● We believe working as a group is better then going solo


What do we ask from you?
●to be an experienced developer. Not a scripter. We are not interested in your HTML-skills or Wordpress implementations.

●you will probably have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in something relevant and at least 5 years of relevant full time working experience.

● We work with PHP/MySQL/Symfony and for connectors C#/Java/whatever necessary. So experience with any of those is greatly appreciated

● to be an experienced developer means having the right skills, this  is more important than specific experience with the languages we use. That being said, obviously you have to be willing to work with the languages we work with.

● speak Dutch or English (a bit of Dutch goes a long way).