Data Engineer #314

Passionate about data engineering and looking to take technical ownership of data infrastructure? Become Data Engineer to innovate and develop our data architecture.

• Data Engineering

• Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

• 21 employees

About the company

The intelligence of cars is ever-increasing. And we depend on our vehicles more strongly than ever. Consequently, we demand equally smart, optimum, and high-speed processing of claims, and repairs. As an Award-winning scale-up, we offer businesses a topnotch Software-as-a-Service (‘SaaS’) solution.

Job description

Innovation meets expertise in data architecture development. In this pivotal role, you will be responsible for the design, development, and implementation of the data architecture of our platform. This role offers the opportunity to have technical ownership of our data infrastructure, the critical backbone of our product.

Competitive USPS/Summary

Our recipe for success? It’s in the quality of our products, our relationship with our clients, and how our heroes operate. With our Amsterdam based team of domain, tech, and product specialists and commercial professionals, we are always looking to find the best ways of improving and securing optimum vehicle body repair processing and costs. Our ultimate goal with our products is twofold: optimum client satisfaction and worldwide impact. Be it for clients in the vehicle leasing, automotive, or insurance industry.


Must: HBO • English • AWS • Python

Preferable: Problem-Solving • Quick Learning

What you get/ Working conditions

• Days at the office: 2 / Home: 3

• 25 vacation days

Company culture

Our people tell us they love working for us for many reasons: our innovative and scale-up-business energy and work ethic, gaming, and fun TGIFs on our rooftop, ample learning opportunities, and energetic collaboration as a multi-cultural team to truly make an impact. All that, and the opportunity to inspire and be inspired, show initiative, and take ownership, makes everyone go above and beyond to ‘make it happen’. Are you innovative, authentic, quick in your mind and on your feet, and always eager to find out the why before the what? You may just be the perfect addition to our growing team.

The team

1 people

English, Dutch

What you’ll be doing

• Development of data pipelines and integrations

• Cloud infrastructure development

• Data architecture design and development

• Code reviews and quality control protocols

• Total per week / 40 hrs

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